Does Your Dog Have a Health Issue?

It’s Time To Detox Your Dog with 100% Raw Organic Herbs!

Guard and Protect Your Dog’s Health Against Toxins, Pesticides & Chemicals
That Cause Your Dog’s Allergies, Skin Issues, UTI’s, Diabetes, Liver, Kidney Disease and More…


Intensive Care Formula

Choose this formula if your dog is suffering from surgery, illness, injury, chronic toxic exposure or disease. Intensive Care supports your dog’s immune system and flushes away toxins whether they are recovering from Cancer, Cushing’s, Arthritis,Allergies, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Obesity, UTIs, Skin Issues, Hot Spots or Fatigue.

Peak Performance

Choose this if your dog is active and healthy.

Peak Performance is the ultimate daily detox for your dog. It supports your dog’s liver and kidneys’ natural detoxification process to flush away toxins, chemicals and pesticides to maintain optimal health.

Why Choose Dogevity™? 

Kevin Harrington, Original Shark of Shark Tank, Endorses Dogevity!

Our Proprietary formula of 100% USDA-certified raw, organic herbs is designed to daily detoxify your dog’s liver and kidneys while giving them the extra immunity boost they need. Dogevity™ supports your dog’s ability to recover from illness, injury, trauma, surgery and disease.

Dogevity™ is an exclusive proprietary formula of raw, organic herbs created by a licensed naturopathic physician, veterinarian and registered pharmacologist.


Is Dogevity Real? Can it Help Your Dog?

Dogevity’s Raw Organic Herbs Were Formulated by a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Veterinarian and Registered Pharmacologist

Nurse & Dog Trainer - WOW 🐾 Results !


Click Each Raw Organic Herb Ingredient to Find Out More!

Supports Normal Cell Development that Helps The Fight Against Cancer

Reduces Allergies Symptoms

Strengthens the Immune System

Cleanses Liver & Kidneys that prevents UTIs

Improves Health of Skin and Coat

Normalizes Weight to Fight Obesity

Improves Digestion

Reduces Inflammation

Brian Wexler, Senior VP TVB Business Development

Brian thanks Dogevity™ for helping his dog recover from skin flaking and dandruff.

Michelle Sobin, Managing Director at Accenture

Michelle Sobin can thank Dogevity™ enough for helping her rescue, Ava with her digestive problems.

Wendy Stevens, Guerrilla Marketing Expert

At less than a year, old Rudy spent 12 days in veterinarian hospital with a 104-degree fever, too weak to eat or drink.

Dr. Aaron Scott, Renowned Neurosurgeon

Since being introduced to Dogevity™ by a friend Dr. Scott has become a big fan after seeing the results of providing it to his papillon Vixen.

Blair Singer, Rich Dad Author

International Teacher, Speaker and Best Selling Author, Blair Singer Loves Dogevity™ Intensive Care.

Elicia Calhoun, Champion in Dog Agility

Elicia, a Retired National & World Champion in Dog Agility pulled her dog BreeSea out of retirement and let her run again in a Veteran agility championship.

With regular use, the special ingredients in Dogevity's formula have been known to:

  • Supports Normal Cell Development that Helps The Fight Against Cancer
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Cleanse Liver and Kidneys and Prevent UTIs
  • Reduce Allergy Symptoms
  • Normalize Weight to Fight Obesity
  • Improve Health of Skin and Coat
  • Improve Digestion
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Help with the Prevention of Degenerative Diseases
  • Improve Mood and Energy Levels
  • Naturally Repel Fleas


Elicia Calhoun, Retired National & World Champion in Dog Agility

“BreeSea been using the Dogevity™ supplement for the past year, and at 13 years old she continues to move like a puppy! Based on her energy level and vitality, I am tempted to pull her out of retirement and let her run again this fall in a Veteran agility championship. She has bright eyes, fabulous coat and endless energy. 🙂

With the successful results BreeSea has had, I recently started our current competition dogs. Tobie (a National and 2-time World Champion), Champ and Cork on the Dogevity™ with the hopes of supporting their athletic demands and extending their long term agility career.

We have another elder dog who had been on Dogevity™ and had stopped taking it for several months while in the care of a friend. Her Addison’s disease and Valley Fever symptoms returned and we immediately resumed the Dogevity™ protocol. Calgary is back to her 15 year old self, swimming with her housemates daily and moving around comfortably again.”


Lab-Certified Scientific Results

Helps Detect Early Signs of Imbalance, Infection & Disease Before Your Dog Begins to Suffer

An Early Warning System For Your Dog’s Health

See The Chemicals & Toxins Revealed Through Your Dog’s Urine!

Now, the power to guard and protect your dog is in your hands before they begin to suffer or show major symptoms that could turn into life threatening condition.

Dogevity™ costs less per month than a trip to the vet. Our urine test strips will save you from wasting money on unnecessary vet trips.

Reagent test strips are a reliable frontline test used to accurately detect a broad range of potentially dangerous health conditions. These include urinary tract infections (UTI), diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, Ketones, and elevated levels of Leukocytes, Urobilinogen, Protein, and Bilirubin.

Test results outside the normal range of results can be toxic to your dog’s health.


You Can See the Toxins Yourself, and Watch them Disappear !

Flambo the Dog with 1.4Million Followers on TikTok !

What Do Influencers with Millions of Followers Say…

I was blown away after using the urine tests and discovered both of my beloved dogs had multiple abnormalities. I was even more blown away when their urine tests showed that Dogevity was truly detoxing and healing them! I lost my first dog to cancer at 4 and I’ll do anything and everything to help prevent another early devastating loss. My dogs will always be on Dogevity !

Abba Adams, Flambo's Owner

The urine strips are an easy at home wellness test that can detect health issues early .

It’s a great tool to monitor dogs with a history of urinary tract infections diabetes, kidney issues, and many other health issues in the 10 parameters that are tested.

Dr. Adam Christman

TikTok #1 Vet

3 Steps to Get Your Happy, Healthy, Playful Puppy Back!

Sprinkle Dogevity™ On Your Dog’s Food & Let the Organic Cleanse & Detox Begin!

Your Dog is Being Poisoned by Pesticides, Toxins & Chemicals

Does Your Dog Have a Health Issue?
Allergies? Skin Problems? Cancer? UTIs? Diabetes?

You Can Have A Healthier, Happier Dog In Just 30 Days!
Find out more about the Dogevity™️ 30-Day Challenge!

Happiness Guaranteed!

And if you are not totally thrilled and happy for any reason with your Dogevity™ purchase, we will gladly offer you our No Questions Asked, Full Happiness Money-Back Guarantee! And you can keep your 1-year supply of early warning strips as our gift to you.

Let your dog’s health transformation begin!!

Still not convinced? Check Out Verified Testimonials!!

Real Customers, Real Before & After Results

Elevated Liver and Kidney Enzymes.

My 10 year old lab, Prahna was in so much pain. She stopped going up or downstairs. Once I found Dogevity, in only 90 days, she began to run up and down the stairs and become happy and playful again. On top of that, she went from having elevated liver and kidney enzymes to 100% normal blood work for the first time in 7 years.

Wendy L

Terrible Skin Condition

I’m Brian Wexler, a couple of years ago my dog developed a terrible skin condition. It started as a rash, then eventually got worse & worse. She got really bad dandruff, skin was flaking and her hair was falling out in big patches. I spent a fortune on veterinarian dermatologist with no success.

I was introduced by a friend to Dogevity™ product, and within three weeks Dogevity™ was clearing up her skin so well! That was a complete noticeable difference so much that I cancelled the specialist appointment!

Brian Wexler

Addison’s Disease and Valley Fever

We have another elder dog who had been on Dogevity™ and had stopped taking it for several months while in the care of a friend. Her Addison’s disease and Valley Fever symptoms returned and we immediately resumed the Dogevity™ Formula. Calgary is back to her 15 year old self, swimming with her housemates daily and moving around comfortably again. Thank you Dogevity™!

Alicia Calhoun

world champion dog agility trainer

Joint Problems

Ozgood, our chocolate lab had issues with joint problems and was slowing down. Dogevity™ brought back the puppy to our 11 year old family member.

Brenda Sansom, Brunswick, Canada


In August of 2010 we were told that Molli would only have 6 months to live with cancer. We put her on Dogevity™ and it’s been almost 3 years. I’ve had her tested twice since and we’ve had no cancer. Her veterinarian say’s “What ever it is you are doing – Wow!”.


Allergy Issues

Chuck has been on this for about 2 months, I see the differences in his health. This all natural organic supplement helps reduce his overall allergy issues, revitalized his skin, and eliminated his hot spots!

Huang Li-Wen

Old Age

We celebrate each month on the 18th that Peaches …. now 16 years and 8 months of age! …. is still with us …. still happy, still singing …. and it’s because we found Dogevity™ a few years ago. This age is unheard of for our Samoyed breed …. at least as far as we know!

Nancy T.

Natural Disease

I’ve seen amazing results when dogs are given Dogevity™. Every dog Guardian should be giving this to their dogs.

I HIGHLY recommend Dogevity™! I’ve met the Naturopathic Doctor who created this and I’ve seen it work! Don’t wait till your dog is sick to get this. It works great as a preventative!

Cool Aide Clinic– St. Louis, MO

Eating Problem

Buster is doing great on Dogevity™! He is definitely more spritely. Everyone says he looks and acts like a puppy, he’s been eating 1/2 teaspoon twice a day in his food. He looks great!

PeiPei Y, Los Angeles CA

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