The 30-Day Dog Detox Health Challenge

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Here’s How The 30-Day Challenge Works

STEP 1: Test & Measure Your Dog's Toxicity Level

Before giving your dog Dogevity™, use your FREE Urine Test Strips to measure your dog’s toxicity level. We will send this to Dr. Garcia, Vet of the Year & Dogevity Partner to analyze your dog’s results for FREE.

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STEP 2: Detox Your Dog for 30 Days using Dogevity™
After measuring your dog’s toxicity level, start his/her 30-day detox course by using Dogevity™ everyday for 30 days. Sprinkle Dogevity™ on top of your dog’s food, add a little water to activate the Brewer’s Yeast then mix. Voila! Your dog’s food is ready to be served.
STEP 3: Measure Toxicity Level After 30 Days
On the 30th day after you have uploaded your first test strip results, let your dog pee on the test strips and compare results. If your dog’s results are within normal colors/range, it means your dog detox was successful!

Share us the final test strips along with your video testimonial. 
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Don’t forget to upload your dog’s first and final pee test strips along with your video testimonial to complete the 30-Day Detox Challenge. You and your dog will also have the chance to star in a Dogevity™ informercial with Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from the hit TV show, Shark Tank!

Are You Up for the 30-Day Challenge?

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And if you are not totally thrilled and happy for any reason with your Dogevity™ purchase, we will gladly offer you our No Questions Asked, Full Happiness Money-Back Guarantee! And you can keep your 1-year supply of early warning strips as our gift to you.

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If you are not totally thrilled and happy for any reason with your Dogevity™ purchase, we will gladly offer you our Full Happiness Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked!

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