How to Use Dogevity™ Urine Test Strips

STEP 1: Take one test strip and attach a bull’s eye with an extender clip to hold it in place.

STEP 2: Move the test strip directly into the dog’s urine stream for maximum of two seconds.

STEP 3: Immediately turn Dogevity Urine Test Strip on its side in the horizontal position for 45 seconds to a minute with the color side up.

STEP 4: Compare the strip to the color strip and chart on the bottle for results.

STEP 5: Take a picture of the urine test strip results before starting
the detox period.

STEP 6: Test again and take a photo 30 days after using the product and send it to Dogevity for a FREE bag.

#PeeItForward Lab Certified Urine Test Strips

An Early Warning System For Your Dog’s Health. Reagent test strips are a reliable frontline test used to accurately detect a broad range of potentially dangerous health conditions. These include urinary tract infections (UTI), diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, Ketones, and elevated levels of Leukocytes, Urobilinogen, Protein, and Bilirubin.

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