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Brian Wexler, Senior VP TVB Business Development

Brian thanks Dogevity™ for helping his dog recover from skin flaking and dandruff.

Michelle Sobin, Managing Director at Accenture

Michelle Sobin can thank Dogevity™ enough for helping her rescue, Ava with her digestive and bone problems.

Wendy Stevens, Guerrilla Marketing Expert

At less than a year, old Rudy spent 12 days in veterinarian hospital with a 104-degree fever, too weak to eat or drink.

Dr. Aaron Scott, Renowned Neurosurgeon

Since being introduced to Dogevity™ by a friend Dr. Scott has become a big fan after seeing the results of providing it to his papillon Vixen.

Blair Singer, Rich Dad Author

International Teacher, Speaker and Best Selling Author, Blair Singer Loves Dogevity™ Intensive Care.

Elicia Calhoun, Champion in Dog Agility

Elicia, a Retired National & World Champion in Dog Agility pulled her dog BreeSea out of retirement and let her run again in a Veteran agility championship.

Intensive Care Formula

Choose this if your dog is suffering from illness, injury, chronic toxic exposure or disease. Intensive Care Formula supports your dog’s immune system whether they are recovering from Cancer, Cushing’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Obesity, UTIs, Skin Issues, and Fatigue.

Peak Performance

Choose this if your dog is active and healthy.

Peak Performance is an ultimate daily detox for your dogs. It supports your dog’s liver and kidneys' natural detoxification process and is best for maintaining optimal health.


If you are not totally thrilled and happy for any reason with your Dogevity™ purchase, we will gladly offer you our Full Happiness Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked!

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