Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Dogevity™ formula to use?

If your dog has any kind of health issue, such as obesity, joint issues, is slow and lethargic or suffers from any of dozens of other symptoms, then Intensive Care is what is needed. 

It will aid in flushing the liver and kidneys and help in flushing the toxins and pesticides that all dogs (and humans) consume just by what they eat drink, walk and play in. 

If your dog is under 5 years old and has no issues then Peak Performance is the right tool, as it will also do the above, but with a little less gusto! Its job is to keep your doggo cleansed, healthy, happy and puppylike. 

How do I know if my dog is toxic?

The Dogevity™ Urine Test strip will help you identify any issues you may not even be aware of! It is an early warning system for your dog’s health.

These are the Reagent Test strips your Vet uses – same ones. Test your dog’s urine before starting Dogevity™ then again 30 days later and be prepared to be super surprised. The strips test for a multitude of conditions – things such as UTI, diabetes, high protein levels and many, many more. 

Will my dog’s health improve?

We are completely confident it will. There are dozens of testimonials on our website, YouTube channel and social media. Dogevity™ was born from a complete turnaround in health on a beloved pup that was to be “put down” – Today, Rudy is alive and well and is a very happy, healthy pup. 

How can I be sure my dog will eat Dogevity™?

Dogevity™ is made from 100% organic ingredients, one of which is Brewer’s Yeast. Just add a wee bit of water to the formula when you add it to whatever your doggo loves to eat, and it ignites the flavor to one dogs seem to love. 

Does Dogevity™ need to be eaten with food?

  We find that doggos prefer it added to their normal diet.

Does Dogevity™ need to be refrigerated?

Store at a normal room temperature.

What is the shelf life of Dogevity™?

Up to 2 years.

How much should I give my dog?

That is determined by the weight of your dog. All instructions are clearly outlined     on the back of the packaging. 20 lbs. and under would need just ½ tsp, 2 x daily. Over 75 lbs. – 1 Tbs, 2 x daily. 

What if it doesn’t help my dog?

We have a 100 percent Happiness guarantee. If you do not see measurable results after 30 days of using Dogevity™ daily, we will refund you 100% of purchase price.

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